Zacuto Filmmaker EVF Shoulder Rig

The EVF Filmmaker Kit is the ultimate shoulder mounted rig for the indie filmmaker designed to work with any Zacuto EVFs or small on board monitors. It uses the Universal Baseplate to mount to a video camera like the Panasonic AF-100, Sony F3, Sony FS100, RED ONE, HVX200 and other cameras of this size.

Detailed Specs:

Manufacturer: Zacuto

Full Description:

The EVF Filmmaker Kit includes the Z-Focus follow focus, ZipGear Prime Lens Kit (set of lens gears), and everything you need to mount a matte box, pro batteries and any of our EVF viewfinders off of the Universal Baseplate. The EVF Filmmaker Kit comes with the Q-Release which enables the shoulder pad to sit underneath the Universal Baseplate, shortening the length of the rig for better stability and balance on your shoulder. With the included EVF Rod Mount, your EVF will be mounted offset to the rig so that your eye is positioned comfortably in front of it. The Zgrips Beefy included with the kit are infinitely adjustable, heavy duty handles designed for camera packages between 22-40 lbs. Each grip can be moved up, down, left, right, as well as fully articulate at the wrist. You can also set the grip length and position to where you feel most comfortable for a stable and balanced rig. The Zwiss Plate cheese plate on the back of the rig allows you to mount virtually anything with the provided 1/4 20" and 3/8 16" holes, including batteries and the AJA Ki Pro Mini. You also get your choice of a V-Mount or 3-Stud battery plate allowing you to mount your pro batteries for counterbalance. The 12" articulating arm lets you mount an on board monitor to the Zwiss plate with our quick-release feature. This kit is universal and can be used with any 15mm lightweight accessories.

The Baseplate comes with standard ¼" 20 and 3/8" 16 tripod connections underneath. If you are using on a V-wedge style tripod you can add the Zeddie Wedgie.

The camera connections on our Universal Baseplate ‘T-Slide’ are ¼" 20 and a locking pin.

Kit Includes:

Universal Baseplate w/ 12" Rods


Zgrips Beefy

Shoulder Pad with 7" rods


ZipGear Prime Lens Kit

7" Rods

EVF Rod Mount

Zwiss Plate

Battery Plate

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