StarLink 2980 AGX LCD Receiver Monitor

  • Professional BNC Video Output with AGC & AGC Loop Through
  • Professional GOLD RCA Audio Output Port
  • 3.5mm Video Output Port with AGC Loop Through
  • 3.5mm Audio Output Port
  • 3.5mm Video Input Port
  • 3.5mm Audio Input Port
  • TwinPort AGC for Non-AGC External NTSC Displays
  • Hard Anodized DuraLAST™ Machined Aluminum Billet Case
  • Image Stabilization Circuit – for Consistent  8 channel Video
  • Provides stable 1 volt P~to~P Video over all 8 channels
  • Independent of Variations between Transmitted Channels
  • Maintains HQ NTSC Output for all Transmitted Channels
  • Enhanced Video Imaging Circuitry – for Improved Video
  • Enhanced Receiver Circuitry – Stronger Signal Reception
  • New Posi-Lock™ No-Spin Antenna Base Connector
  • SmartSwitch II – for Instant Extended Channel Access
  • VariPower™ Power Saver Circuit – dependable Operation & Increased Power Pack Run Time

Detailed Specs:

Manufacturer: StarLink

Full Description:


Frequency                    2.4 GHz

Channels                      8 channel with Loop Thru AGC Video

LCD Display                 5.2” SuperBRITE Chroma PlusHQ

MicroFine Active Matrix TFT

Resolution                   High Resolution SD

Display Modes              Automatic Auto-Sensing NTSC / PAL  

Operation Modes          Quad Mode:  Wired / Wireless 1 & 2 / AV

Mode 1                         AV Mode 1:  Video Audio Input

Mode 2                         AV Mode 2:  Video Output w/AGC + Audio

Mode 3                         Wireless Mode 1: Channels 1 though 4

Mode 4                         Wireless Mode 2: Channels 5 though 8

AV Connectors             BNC + RCA + 3.5 mm

AV Input Ports              1 Video ~Audio

AV Output Ports           BNC Video + RCA Audio + 3.5mm AV

AGC Video Port(s)        BNC + 3.5mm Video Out w/ TwinPort AGC

Loop Through              BNC – Dual Loop Through with AGC

Sound System              Built-In HQ Sound System

Controls                       Volume, Brightness

Antenna Connector      New Posi-Lock Antenna Connector

Antenna Type               Detachable Swivel Base Dipole

Power                           VariPower Automatic Switching Power Supply 6.5 ~16.8 VDC

Size:                             155 x 120 x 43 mm

Weight:                                    590 grams

Case Type                     DuraLAST™  Machined Aluminum Billet

Standard Pack Includes:

SuperFLEX™ G3 Detachable Swivel base

dipole antenna, Ultra Pro HighPower

12 VDC Regulated Power Adapter, AV Input/Output Cable set, detachable tilt-swivel accessory

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